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Welcome to the website of amateur czech football club FC SOKOL VELÍŠ! The aim of these pages is bringing the latest news from the club and competitions in which our teams operate.

 For season 2020 - 2021 were logged two teams in football competitions:

A team (III.class, group B, Benešov district), youngs (7 +1)  


Village History :

Veliš village is situated in the south of the Central Region, in the district  Benešov. You can found our village 19 km southeast of Benesov town and 9 km west of Vlasim town, near the fabled Mount Blanik.
There are two theories about the origin of the name of village. The first one was named after the pagan god Veles peasants, and the second refers to the possibility of establishing a village man named Velislav. This old Czech name of the ancient ancestors of likes running out.
According to official data from archives, dates the first written mention of the mid-14th century Veliš (kept in the archives as "Lord of the Veliš Jan Očko of Vlašim"), but the oldest surviving chronicle of the village (early 20th century) we read that Local parish records existed from the mid- 13th century. Dealt about the construction of the church of St. Joseph, which is now a protected cultural monument. In 16th century numbered Veliš 15 estates (lands) and the houses, lived there about 120 peoples. According to census of 1890 there lived in 46 houses 313 inhabitants (together with a  catchment settlements Nespery, Lipiny and Sedlecko it was 750). In 1931 it was was slightly less  - Veliš had 241 inhabitants. To date, live in the village of about 140 people, together with settlements Nespery, Lipiny, Sedlecko count 330 people.

Velíš on the map here


Football Club:

The beginnings of football in Veliš date back to the 1923. Velíš young native Václav Řezáč, who that year of study to "see an interesting game with a balloon" and together with his brother Antonín founded the club. The club remainded 12 members, including a cashier...  As the pitch was intended meadow near the road Pod Březiny (at this point today is large cowshed...). Some disagreements and browling between members eventually led to the suspension of club activities, but its rebirth occurred in 1932 when the club re-work and there is a Member Association SK Veliš. In1950 was put into operation a new football pitch, which lies on the same site as today's, but it was located in a different direction -  was rotated by 90 degrees. In 1951 in the village was founded "Sokol" (Falcon - popular sport and hobby group) and took the football in 1958. The stadium area was planted poplars, which are still standing there. Early sixties years has been starting the pitch rebuilding - it  began to expand eastward and then was adapted into the background for this days . Better dressing rooms has been built in the years 1968 - 1973, new booths including electrics and water pipes were put into operation in 1984. Early nineties is built over a longer railing for spectators. In 2002 are completed brick benches and stadium area is new fencing, gates as they are extended  the nets to capture the balls. In 2004 is finished building a multipurpose complex artificial grass courts, also a wooden appearance extension to the booths used for sunny days. The next year is demolished concrete floor behind the dressing room building and this place is used to build completely new children playground. In 2008 are cut down old trees around the pitch and the whole area is planted by new.  In the future, more construction planned for minigolf. Stadium area becomes a place for the enjoyment of all residents of Velíš village.



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